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Jazz Life – Live @ Cleopatra’s Needle, NYC The Steve Elmer Trio

Steve Elmer, Piano/Composer ; Hide Tanaka, Bass ; Shingo Okudaira, Drums

The Steve Elmer Trio began playing together in 2005. Our first CD was recorded in 2006 and is called I Used To Be Anonymous. In 2007 we made a 2,500 mile tour of Japan. We recorded Fire Down Below, our second CD, in 2008. Jazz Life is our first live recording.

All of our CDs feature original Steve Elmer compositions and swinging straight ahead jazz solos. We like to call this approach classic jazz: play the melody, improvise, tell a story, and make it swing.



This trio swings at all tempos. Their joy is palpable.
Jazz Improv Magazine

Recorded in 2008.




We think this one is a quiet killer, a must have.
O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

Recorded in 2006.







"If You've Got A Gig,
Life Is Good."

Steve Elmer Interview
with Giant Steps Press

JAZZ LIFE, The Steve Elmer Trio
Live @ Cleopatra's Needle, NYC

"Pianist Steve Elmer leads a swinging trio with Hide Tanaka (b) and Shingo Okudaira (d). The music was recorded at a live session at Cleopatra's in New York June 2010. The music pops with bright solos all around. Elmer wrote all seven tunes, a fine set of modern jazz compositions with a lot of substance. You can feel the spirit of the "Little Bird", "Five and Dime Blues" and "Wounded Heart". No matter what the tempo is, the band swings! This is their third recording together and it is a charm."

D. Oscar  Groomes
O's Place Jazz Magazine

"Jazz pianist Steve Elmer released his trio’s newest album with Hidehiko Tanaka and Shingo Okudaira. Recorded live at the jazz club Cleopatra’s Needle which is on the upper west side of Manhattan, the trio released two studio recordings, “I Used To Be Anonymous” (2006) and “Fire Down Below” (2008), and there is an intimacy among the three that brings them to continuously play in sync with each other.  This CD gives you the feeling of being at a live performance.  My favorites are “Mr. Kenny D” and “BeBop Baby” but all seven songs totaling 73 minutes are a concentration of thrills and swing, the true charm of the jazz piano trio."

The Walker's
Yokohama, Japan

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Read Gabriel Ricard's 2008 review and commentary on "Constant Lee," "Aaronology," and "Tanaka's Hideout" from "Fire Down Below."  Scoll down to the end of the page of the following link to listen to all three tracks.

 Three Songs by The Steve Elmer Trio 

Also, don't forget to listen to some sample tracks from my new CD, "Fire Down Below," The Steve Elmer Trio.  All you have to do is click on CD Baby.Com.  If you have an I-Pod, you can also visit Apple iTunes at The Steve Elmer Trio at the Apple Store."

Reviewers have taken notice of "Fire Down Below."  Here's an example:

"Forget the big names; Fire Down Below, the new album by pianist and composer Steve Elmer and his excellent trio, will knock your socks off.  Monkishly playful in terms of style (especially in GA's Jambalaya), Elmer is unfailingly compelling when he solos.  His band is also first rate.  Hide Tanaka contributes a beautiful arco bass solo on Constant Lee, and Shingo Okudaira is a powerful driver on drums throughout.  Ultimately what may be most impressive about Elmer is his compositional skill; these are great tunes and they just keep coming.  The title cut is an absolute knock-out with a wonderfully catchy head, and then it's off to the races.  With lightning speed and absolute harmonic precision, Elmer makes Big Brown seem like a turtle.  When he slows down to a gorgeous ballad like Lasting Love, he is is equally impressive in his subtlety.  And, most importantly, he is totally unpredictable.  If you've never heard of Steve Elmer it's your loss.", August, 2008

Finally, thanks again for taking the time to visit.  I appreciate it and look forward to seeing you again soon.

--Steve Elmer