Grace Notes

I like to write tunes dedicated to people who have inspired me or had an impact on my life.  “Peter the Painter” was written for a guy who paints houses and apartments for a living.  He does great work, is an honest person, and is someone who understands quality.

“Aaronology” is named for the son of an old friend of mine.  I met Aaron when he was two-years-old.  His quietly inquisitive nature and bright red hair inspired me to write this tune.  It took me sixteen years to finally record this memory of a unique little boy who is now getting ready to go to college.

Playing “live” is a completely different experience than making music in a recording studio.  Things happen on the bandstand that just don’t happen anywhere else.  The audiences in Japan, true jazz fans, always inspired us to try something new.

I wrote ‘Potter’s Planet” for the brilliant saxophone player Chris Potter. 

“Ivan the Terrible” was written for the director of a school I worked at one summer teaching music improvisation to day campers who ranged in age from 5-18.

“The Little Things Mean So Much” was Teddy Wilson’s theme song in the 1940s when he led a big band.